How to Choose an Elite Dating Site Username That Works

How to Choose an Elite Dating Site Username That Works

Finding an attractive elite single on an elite dating site is like picking up an eye-catching newspaper or magazine or reading an article on an online news site. What draws you to the story is a thoughtful title and related photos. The same theory applies to elite online dating profiles, where you have a split second to impress someone when they frantically start a refresh conversation.


So where do we start? Use a username to catch the eye of an elite single. If you don't know what to do right now, here are a few tips to help you create a unique username to describe your essence on elite dating sites.


Don't use Numbers
Nothing says laziness like a username plus your name and a string of Numbers. If you want someone to take you seriously, using "Anna169" as a dating profile name sounds boring. This will instantly quench an elite single's interest, unless he's just as lazy as you are.


Digital photos, including the Numbers in your username, mean nothing to you, just lazy. Instead, you can use your name, or a zip code, to be easily recognized by a neighbor who wants to date someone who lives nearby. A good example is "Acerb 90210," which means you live in Beverly Hills, or "Jason M4W2G8," which means you live in Toronto, Canada.


Include activities that describe your passion
When I create usernames for singles on dating apps, I always ask about their hobbies outside of work. A potential date needs to know that you have space in his or her life and what it's like to go on a date on the weekend. A picture of a woman doing yoga use your online name to tell others about yourself. Some of the most successful usernames available include "Yoga Teacher," "Sunset Painter," and "Spin Doctor." This way you can tell others that you are a sporty person and attract elite singles with similar hobbies!


Don't take looks too seriously unless you're looking for someone
If you're looking for a more serious relationship with elite singles, I highly recommend not creating a user name to define your relationship. Examples to avoid include "sexy," "runway model," or "masculine guy," all of which I've seen in dating profiles.


If you're interested in hooking up, you can write "casual water" in your username. However, if you are not interested in hooking up, I will avoid using a username like "Hot and Sexy". If you're interested in a causal relationship, tell it like it is. Some of the user names available include "casual after," "Serial Dater," or "Nothing Serious." While you may not get the most activity, at least you can express exactly what you want when others feel the same way.


Show you're smarter than average
While physical attractiveness will initially attract the other person, you need to stand up for yourself in conversation and eventually on a date. You don't have to be a best-selling author, but it's all the rage these days. Don't be afraid to show off your intelligence in your username.


The Collins dictionary defines "intelligence" as "the person who considers intelligence to be the most sexually attractive characteristic; the act of being attracted to or induced by intelligence and its use. Some intelligence-based usernames include Beauty and Brains, Smart MBA or Legal Lover; if you want to show off your old university or meet with alumni, you can include the school you are attending with a username such as Harvard MD, MIT Engineer or Big Red Grad.


Use strategic keywords
A study from EliteDatingWebsite shows that certain keywords appear in the most successful dating profiles on the website, so why not take one of them and start using it in your username?


When it comes to keywords, men and women aren't that different in their desires, starting with the word "love." In a perfect world, everyone will meet someone, he/she is good, kind, easygoing, happy, honest and loving. The problem is that both men and women complain that everyone's profiles look the same, and that what they say they're looking for in a person doesn't grab their attention in this busy digital world. This is where your user name comes in handy.


In the past, I used the username "piano baby" because I had a small grand piano with the key word "music". Plus, it's a great way to start a conversation because a potential date will write and ask me if I'm a music teacher, if I've ever played in an orchestra, or if my favorite song is to start a conversation.


Make sure your username is appropriate for dating sites
Some elite dating sites and apps only allow you to use your first name as a user name, because information is usually obtained from Facebook or other social media sites. However, if you're on a website or app that allows you to use a custom username, make sure it's catchy, and you can change it from time to time to make it a new face or title that appeals to love.


If dating sites don't require you to use your name in your username, this is your chance to get creative. If you're on a website or app that focuses on religion, having a username that focuses on your religion is not only appropriate, it's also popular with potential dates. A good example of this is the Choirboy. If your goal is to find a person for Sunday services, you can call a man as Faith First or a woman as Faith First. On MillionaireMatch, SugarDaddyMeet and other dating websites and applications, they encourage you to use your real name, because authenticity is the key, but you can still choose a username and make it interesting and unique.


Remember, your username is your first impression of you on any dating site. At the end of the day, a username is the first impression someone has of you. It will stay with you throughout your relationship and hopefully become a pet name for your future partner. So whether you're looking for a long-term relationship on elite singles dating sites or a short-term arrangement on some sugar dating sites, you should always use a good username to make sure things are a step closer to success.


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