Online First Date Tips For Elite Adult Women

Online First Date Tips For Elite Adult Women

Well, now that you've hooked up with a guy on,, and countless other rich dating sites, it's time for your first online date. But let me tell you a few facts: there are a few tricks to dating online for the first time. As a mature, elite women dating and relationship coach, my clients use online elite singles dating sites or apps to find men to varying degrees. I, too, met my husband after years of online dating.(that's why I can give so much advice on what not to do on your first online date!)Of course, online dating is just a way to meet single men. Don't forget bars, singles' clubs, parties with your friends, blind dates with your friends and relatives.


As an adult elite woman, when you're dating online, if you don't remember anything, just remember this: when you first meet after you connect online, it's a meeting, not a date. Here are a few tips to help you get through your first date. Of course, if you like.


Give it your best shot.
Everyone, men and women alike, has negative traits and is hesitant to say all the negative things on a first date. The outcome of a first date is complex and depends on the situation, but be sure not to mention all the negative traits on the first meeting or even the first date. Things like divorce details, family issues, medical issues, friends or other men who have betrayed or let you down are off limits. After the first meeting, there are some things you want to bring up early. But when you do, you may increase the boundaries between you. Of course, if he asked the question himself, you can change the subject with a positive response or two. For example, when he asks about your divorce, say something positive like, "sometimes it's hard, but I learned a lot from that experience.""Or" wow, we could talk for hours. "we'll talk about that next time...I'd rather talk about my favorite movie, band or book..."


Don't be a nitpicker.
Don't be a nitpicker on a first date. Nagging will only make the other person want to walk away from you. Instead, be forgiving and empathetic. Men, like women, experience fear and insecurity on a first date. They are bound to make small mistakes out of nervousness. Consider why he did it and whether he was really a deal breaker. And looked at him with the kind eyes of a woman trying to find a good man. No matter how you end up judging him, always make him feel good about himself -- even if you never see him again. That's a good thing. You'll see him through to the next woman who wants to see him.


Be positive.
Whenever possible, keep a positive attitude and believe that you will find that special man who is willing to settle down in your world. But also be realistic and remember that most of the men you meet are not the right ones. We are here to find the right one among millions of people. So dating is a lot of "no" until you finally reach that wonderful "yes"! With realistic expectations, you can handle your disappointments well. If he's not the one, don't be discouraged, it doesn't mean you can't find the right one; If nothing else, it's just more practice when you meet that person, or heaven's test for you.


Show up on time. It looks great.
As simple as it sounds, many of us are not very good at being punctual. Many people think it is impolite to be late for the first date, which is a deal-breaker for them. So remember, this is your first and perhaps only chance to get that great guy to ask you out on a date, show up on time and look great.


You can make a punctuality plan: if you're rushing to an appointment after work, leave a few minutes early so you can change your work clothes. Dress nicely and give him a big, open smile. Note: if you hate it when people are late, let them know so they can make an extra effort. This way you won't be late for a bad start on your date.


You don't know him.
You didn't know him or her before the first date. Unless you spend time with him, you don't know his character, his values, or how he makes you feel in a relationship. Intuition and chemistry are real, but they don't reliably reflect the important elements of a lasting adult relationship: trust, respect, affection, and so on.So keep your "reactions" to attraction and intuition and use your wisdom to guide. It will do you more good in the long run.


Live in the moment.
Live in the present moment without daydreaming or talking to yourself. You're here to listen to him. It's difficult, but realizing it is the first step. When you find yourself in a state of over analysis, tell yourself to stop and pay attention to the person sitting in front of you. If you don't, you may make the other person feel that your attention isn't on him or that he doesn't feel it.


First dates are just to meet.
The purpose of meeting on a first date is to determine if you really want to start a real date. A first date is not about getting to know someone better. It's all about chemistry. During this time, understand how he feels about you and whether he wants to get to know you better. If he likes the feeling of being with you or wants to know more about you, trust me, he will definitely ask you for another date (a real date).Of course, you have to consider whether you have feelings for him or not.(my husband did: our first date at the coffee shop was casual. A real date is an evening at one of the best restaurants in town.


So, if a man doesn't ask you out on a romantic date, or ACTS too serious in order to impress you, or wants a relationship, he may just be waiting for a real date to propose to you. If you find that he has the potential to be a man you like, say "yes" to a real date.


Finally, do you feel better prepared? Let me know, I can help you always have a great first date, come on!


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