What Do Elite Women Find Sexy

What Do Elite Women Find Sexy

When it comes to what elite women think is sexiest, most men probably have a good understanding of the stereotypes that women think are sexy. For example, people tend to think that men who jump out of swimming pools have the sexiest pecs. But the EliteDatingWebsite recently published a list of 15 sexy things men do, including many unexpected things for elite women.


A lot of men think that what fascinates women is sexy, but when you ask them what it is like to be attractive to a woman, you'll find that impossible, cute, or downright weird answers often shy away from men who are traditionally considered sexy. Sure, women's preferences for men are as varied and unique as any of us, but when women take the microphone and talk about what we really like, certain themes tend to surface. Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn't realize:


When you're holding a condom (not required)
Women from the elite dating site tell us that they hate men who only see sex, who don't think about them at all, and who just enjoy themselves. So men who take their sexual health seriously without complaining, pressuring, or dragging their feet are very sexy. They don't usually put a woman at risk of getting pregnant, so they reach for condoms. This means that you're not trying to shift the responsibility for everyone's sexual health in the relationship onto her. You're willing to take all the responsibility.


When you make your bed
Housework is not just a woman's job; men's ability to do it is an almost uniformly attractive trait. Women found many different sexy traits in men when it came to housework, such as folding clothes well, keeping the bathroom spotless and doing the laundry, the report said. But there is one family activity that is so popular among women that it is surprising that it is not yet a branch of female pornography: watching a man make his bed. So start perfecting every corner of your room.


When you really listen to her
Everyone wants to be heard, it's not surprising that women want men to hear their opinions, and it's often frustrating in real life when men don't. After surveying women about what they find attractive, there was a palpable excitement, more than almost anyone else: that of being genuinely listened to. Unfortunately, most men just keep talking instead of listening. So, when you explain her point of view, making a genuinely thoughtful statement makes a woman feel very sexy. If you listen attentively, your chin will pop up, which will be a plus.


When you dance (even if it's silly)
Many men think dancing in front of women is silly (unless you're a professional dancer) because they know they're not Michael Jackson. But men who can play and relax with women without taking themselves too seriously always win women's hearts. So, don't be afraid of the dance floor, even if you're not happy with the way you dance, or it's still a little scary, you can choose to relax in the comfort of your own home, just in front of elite women.


Talk to animals with funny voices when you like them
If you have a pet at home, maybe a cat or dog, it not only shows that you are a kind and caring person. Also, when you talk to an animal in a funny voice (" Yaws, you are a sad puppy! ) makes women feel cute and sexy. You might think it's weird that women find this sexy, but we're just here to report the fact that men who are silly and gentle with their pets really do increase their attraction at once.


When you can spot another handsome guy
Surprisingly, when you ask elite women what they find attractive in men, the answer comes up surprisingly often: men don't squirm like sunburned worms when they talk about other men's attractiveness. Yes, there is a strong attraction to a man who is confident enough to recognize what the other man is doing, which shows that he is not intimidated by the excellence of other men. On the contrary, if you have enough confidence in her, she will be deeply attracted to you.


When you're good at cooking
No one doesn't like food, and no one doesn't like a man who can cook. The frequency with which women use cooking as a form of enjoyment is certainly underestimated. Some women like a man who can make a delicious signature dish, while others like a simple breakfast or a cup of coffee. But one thing is for sure: an apron is sexy and looks good on you.


When you say "you are right" without the modifier
A healthy relationship requires encouragement and inclusion, especially as a man. No one, including elite women, doesn't like to discuss it with someone who can compromise without being childish and defensive. There's nothing more unappetizing than a man insisting on squeezing the last word out of every conversation. You're not fighting, and you don't have to win. The opposite is also true: among women, there is a high demand for men who speak gracefully. They like to be recognized.


When you brush her hair or play with her hair
When you're together, if your elite partner happens to have long hair (or even short hair), casually brush your hand through her hair or play with her hair will not only warm up the relationship, but also make her feel sexy. It's nice to touch her hair! Brushing or playing with your hair is like a head massage at home, and many women can't resist it.


When you pay attention to what you wear
Perhaps many people believe that men should not care too much about their appearance, and that caring too much about their appearance is an insult to masculinity. However, it is clear that many women are very interested in just such things: when a man knows his exact suit size, he carefully washes his white T-shirt and wears clothes such as shorts and skinny jeans that a "man" might avoid. At this point, women see it as sexy: men can be very sexy if they are very conscious of their appearance.


These are the top 10 things elite women find sexy, but there are other things we haven't mentioned that you need to explore. Your first priority right now is to find an elite woman to date. Rich people are hard to find, but thanks to millionaire dating sites, it's easier than ever to connect with the rich. So, simply create a free profile and get to work.


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